Memorial Plants: Remembering a Loved One

One of the more popular ways to memorialize a life is with a memorial plant, also known as a living memorial. Planting a tree, bush, or flowers in a meaningful location can be a special way to remember a loved one.

Creating a memorial plant by using the cremated ashes of a loved one to nourish the plant can be a great way to memorialize their life.

Memorial Plants Can Reflect Multiple Lives

It is not uncommon to create a memorial plant to reflect multiple lives. Several families have combined both of their parents to create one memorial for their family to enjoy. Others have combined multiple pets with the pet parent’s ashes to create a memorial garden. In one instance, the pet parent was an avid gardener and it was important to the surviving children to memorialize their mother’s life and her beloved kitties that she parented over the years.

With What Types of Plants Can Let Your Love Grow Be Used?

Using the Let Your Love Grow organic mixture does not dictate the type of plantings that you can use. It is up to you what you want to use as a memorial plant. You may draw inspiration from Mother Nature or from the loved one you are honoring if he or she had a favorite tree or flower.

If you live in an apartment or don’t have a lot of outdoor space, the living memorial you plant may be in a container. If you have wide-open spaces, you can do a memorial plant container if you want mobility or you can plant a tree, shrubs, flowers or perennials.

For example, outdoor memorials such as a tree or bush like a Crepe Myrtle are perfect when remembering a life lived and giving a new life back to Mother Nature. Perennials are more likely to give you many years of joy, especially when the plant is in full bloom.

Make sure the plant you select can tolerate extreme swings in temperature if you live in a climate that is volatile. Seedlings are not the best choice for a memorial planting.

Creating a living memorial is easy. If you are using an existing plant as a way to pay tribute, combine the Let Your Love Grow organic mixture with the cremated ash around the base of the plant. Or, if you are doing a new planting, place the mixture in the soil as you place the new plant.

If you determine that a living memorial is right for you, we recommend speaking with your local nursery to determine the memorial plant that is right for your living memorial. This ensures that your plantings are right for your planting zone.

If you have questions about creating memorial plants, please reach out to us.  We are always happy to help out.