Ashes to Ashes

As the saying goes. When scattering or burying ashes, we do so with the belief that our loved ones will nurture the earth just as they nurtured our spirits. Science indicates, however, that the old saying is true: ashes placed into the earth will remain ashes forever. Spreading ashes without the use of our blended soil can only mean bad news for our environment.

Let Your Love Grow kit among numerous small potted plants.
Scattering cremated remains mixed with the Let Your Love Grow organic mixture

Soil Loses Nutrients

Life Begins Anew

Let Your Love Grow is an organic mixture that blends soil and ash to create a nourishing environment scientifically proven to support plant life. Whether your plan for remembrance involves planting a living memorial, scattering ashes or burying ashes, LYLG helps you usher your loved one into a new life.

Living Memorials


A scoop with soil
A woman handles a flower as she creates a living memorial for her loved one.



The Let Your Love Grow organic mixture blended with cremated ashes helps to break down the ashes so they are not harmful to the environment.
A grassy open field.