From Life to Life

When a loved one passes, we feel an innate desire to return them to the earth. But cremated ashes are actually harmful to our environment when planted or scattered. Until now. Let Your Love Grow is the world's first patented, all-organic mixture designed to offset the natural toxicity of ash and invite new life to flourish.

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We know all too well the heartbreak of losing someone: the sadness, the fear and the frustration. But we also know the happiness that comes later: the warmth in sharing memories with others, the pride in remembering their legacy and the peace in accepting our loss.

Let Your Love Grow fosters joy and remembrance as we give our loved ones a new life.

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For the Planet

Science validates what our team has suspected; cremated ashes, which are processed bone fragments, are harmful to plant life. Additionally, the cremation process uses fossil fuels which release greenhouse gas. The patented LYLG organic mixture blended with the ashes will help offset the release of greenhouse gas by facilitating plant growth, making our earth a little greener with each memorial plant and eco-friendly burial.

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