An eco-friendly solution.

When a loved one passes, we want something to remember them by: something we can see and touch to remind us of the one who is no longer here. It could be an heirloom watch or a special candle, but many of us choose to grow a living memorial plant with their cremated remains. With ashes in hand, we bury them in the hopes that they will support new life. Sadly, this is rarely the case.

Scientists and soil experts agree: cremated remains are toxic to plant life.

LYLG combines with ash to restore balance to the earth.

An elderly man mixes the Let Your Love Grow organic mixture with cremated ashes of his loved one to create a living memorial.

Blend soil and cremated remains.

Nurture the environment.

Planting and watering a seedling
A child holds a potted plant

Grow personal memorial plants.

Rooted in science.

An elderly couple plants a living memorial to their loved one in their garden.

Learn more about using cremated ashes.

Start a new life together.