4 things to grow on.

Even those born without green thumbs deserve the joys of a living memorial. So to help you grow happier, healthier plants using Let Your Love Grow, we’ve created these helpful tips. Give them a look as you grow new life.

1. Follow the mixing directions.

Each LYLG package includes directions guiding you through the planting process. Make sure you read them carefully as you begin your planting.

2. Use the correct amount of ashes.

Let Your Love Grow is specially formulated to offset the high sodium and pH levels in cremated ash. In order to safely nourish your living memorial, you’ll need to use the right blend of soil and ash. See the instructions included in your kit for ratios.

3. Take special care when potting plants.

Potted plants need a little more love. We recommend always using a 14-inch container or larger. This creates plenty of room for the LYLG mixture, ashes and soil to combine into a nourishing mixture for your plant. We also recommend using a container with good drainage. If your container doesn’t have 3-4 holes at the bottom, consider drilling some yourself.

4. Choose the right plants for you and your environment.

For first-time planters, we recommend a low-maintenance plant that will thrive even if you forget to water it every once in a while. Consider planting one of the following:

  • Philodendrons
  • Hibiscus
  • Crotons
  • Ficus
  • Peace lily

Where you’re planting is also as important as what you’re planting. A sunny spot is perfectly suited for a warm-weather plant, while shady corners are ideal for low-light plants.

A note about roses…

We understand many people want to memorialize their loved ones with a rose bush. When properly cared for, they make some of the most touching tributes we have ever seen. However, roses can be tough. They have been genetically altered over the years to produce the colors and blooms we love, making them more susceptible to disease. Before committing to a rose bush, make sure you do the research and follow all the care tips to create the living memorial we know you’ll love.