Cat Cremation and Memorialization

When your cat dies, many do not understand the emptiness that is created. Because of the aloofness attributed to cats, most people assume there can’t be much to miss. Oh, how misinformed they are.

When death occurs, it is the end of the purr, the rubbing against the leg and the wonder of watching them chase a flashlight beam. They filled your heart with love and were your constant companion.

Saying Goodbye

In the middle of this very stressful time of loss, you are faced with deciding whether burial or cat cremation is the best choice. What you determine has to be right for you. You are making a decision that will impact your life forever.

A question you may ask yourself is how do you want to keep the memory of your cat alive? Burial allows you a place to go to reminisce about your beloved cat. Whether burying in the backyard or at a cemetery, there is a permanent memorial.

Cat Cremation

Many owners decide cat cremation is the right way to go. But after cremation many are faced with what to do with cremated ashes.

Cat cremation allows you several options to memorialize your beloved feline. One is to place the ashes in an urn or decorative piece. This allows you to choose a special place in your home for the urn. A few other options include scattering ashes and living memorials.

If your cat spent time outdoors, scattering ashes under the cat’s favorite tree or shrub may seem like the perfect option. Or maybe scattering in the garden where your cat used to lie in wait for the butterflies.

But before scattering, please be aware of the harmful effects of cremation ashes. We’ve put together some resources on the harmful effects of burying ashes as well as eco-friendly burial options.

Living Memorial

A living memorial is a way to express love for your cat even after their passing. Choosing a plant, tree or shrub for your garden, patio or home gives you a powerful way to honor or remember. Mixing just a portion of the ashes with Let Your Love Grow’s planting mixture along with soil is therapeutic. By tending to the plant, you are still actively caring for your beloved cat even after their passing.

We know cat cremation and memorialization may be new to you, so if you’d like any advice or have any questions we’re happy to help.

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