Why We Need to Take Pet Loss Seriously

Losing someone very close to us is very difficult even though we all know that we are bound to lose someone close to us at some point or the other. However, it still puts us in a mental state of sudden shock and demise. The recent research has shown that pet loss can leave the human being in a mental state of extreme stress, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression and loneliness. 

Many of us have faced the loss of an individual at some point or the other. We all know about the kind of mind state which we all go through. However, we take the pet loss for granted quite often, not realising how it made the human being feel connected to that late pet.

Pet loss is as difficult and grieving as human loss. This is mainly because human beings form in-depth relations with their pets with time. A pet and a human relation is formed on both emotional and mental levels. 

Here are five reasons why pet loss can be so devastating causing disruption to our lives, and why we should take such events seriously:

1. Losing a pet is as difficult as losing a close human being

Some people form an in-depth relationship with their pets. There are people who are not much close to human beings, because of their introverted nature. They are into themselves. However, as psychology says, we all need at least one relation to cope up with things in life. These people find their love, warmth and positivity in their pets. Hence, losing a pet we spend our entire day with, is as grieving as losing a human being.

2. Losing a Therapist

There is something magical in the animals’ silence that it heals everything. Having a pet does the same. You can spend infinite time with them in silence, and they will heal your hearts. There is warmth in their silence, which is therapeutic. Their presence heals our stress, anxiety and depression. However, their absence does the vice-versa. In some cases, the pet may have been a certified therapy dog, making the loss even more taxing. It rips us apart, and leaves humanity in a complete demise. It is devastating on a large level especially for a child. It can lead to stress for a child. Losing a close pet is equal to losing a source of support and comfort. 

3. Care taking makes us feel better about ourselves

It is a known fact that the more we give, the more we receive. It implements in every aspect of life. Giving love also gives us love. Being kind to someone, returns back to us. It is a magical power that exists in the universe. Many people tend to feel more loved and blessed once they love someone with all their heart without any selfish reason. It is the beauty of humanity. It tends to happen naturally in the case of animals. Human beings attached to their pets, never feel love deprived when they love their pets unconditionally. Care-taking of pets makes them feel better about their own selves and life simply becomes beautiful for them. Hence, losing a pet at such a situation could be devastating on an extremely high level.

4. Disruption in the daily routine 

Pet parents make a proper schedule for themselves, keeping in mind every little thing related to their pet’s life. They make their life scheduled according to their pets. It matters a lot when human beings bring so many changes in their lives to make their pet’s life easy. People make a schedule of going for walks for at least twice a day, waking up early, doing exercise, feeding them, building a home for them, and a lot more. Hence, other than feeling weak on a mental and emotional level; pet loss disrupts our daily life to such a level that people tend to be aimless in their lives.

5. Loss of a Human Identity 

Many people are identified in the society because of their pets. They are well known because of the way they take care of their pets and love them. A lot of people even create pages on various social media platforms to spread awareness, regarding how to take care of pets more efficiently. They attach their pictures and videos with their pets on those platforms. So, this way pets often become the identities of their parents. Hence, in addition to everything, the pet loss can lead to the loss of a human identity as well. Human beings can become anonymous and invisible in their absence. 

Though losing someone puts us in an extremely difficult phase of our lives, however, we must know that we are not alone. The love and care that we give to our pets, create enriching memories for us and memories keep everyone and everything alive. Always!

Melissa KauffmanCatster & Dogster magazine editor

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