Transforming Cremated Ashes from Harmful to Life-Giving

Cremated Ashes are HARMFUL to plant growth!

Let Your Love Grow is the only product on the market that addresses the two major issues associated with cremated ashes:  high pH and high sodium (salt).  These two aspects make for a harmful and most likely lethal combination to plant growth.

Cremated ashes have an extremely high pH that inhibits plant growth.  This high pH makes essential nutrients unavailable for the plant to use, and, therefore, it does not get the necessary nutrition to grow.  Lowering the pH to an optimum range will release beneficial nutrients making them available to the plant allowing it to thrive. Regular soil and potting soil do not have the buffering capacity to significantly lower the pH.

The other limiting factor with regard to cremated ashes is the inherent excessive sodium (salt) content.   Plants need a very small does of sodium. Cremated ashes have an excess of sodium causing deficiencies in essential nutrients, primarily potassium.

Let Your Love Grow is a specially formulated organic planting mixture that will lower the pH while safely diluting the harmful sodium (salt) of cremated ashes. Let Your Love Grow is the essential ingredient for healthy remembrance plantings.

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