Practical Guidance for Starting Again After Losing Someone

No one needs to tell you how traumatic and devastating the death of a loved one can be. It feels like the world has stopped, and even when you’re surrounded by friends and family offering support and comfort, it’s challenging to know how to move forward. However, while it may be hard to see now, new beginnings and hopes are awaiting. Let Your Love Grow has provided tips for managing the days, months, and years after losing a loved one.

Returning to Work After Loss

It can be difficult to jump back into your regular routines and responsibilities when going back to work after the death of a loved one. Give yourself time and permission to process your grief before attempting to return to full speed at the office.

You might talk to your employer about taking additional time off and potential accommodations that could help you adjust back into work. Also, consider talking with your coworkers about your experiences so they understand where you’re coming from and why you may not be operating at full strength right away. Talking openly is therapeutic and helps set expectations for everyone as you transition back into working life.

Changing Jobs for a New Start

After experiencing a loss, many people have the urge to make significant changes in their lives, such as switching careers or relocating across the country. These decisions should never be taken lightly, but taking the leap to something new often helps bring closure and hope for brighter days ahead.

Consider what kind of career could bring purposeful energy into your daily life. Look for opportunities that you would expect to bring joy and fulfillment instead of dread or fear of failure.

Before making any drastic decisions, seek professional advice from financial advisors or career counselors who specialize in helping people through transitions like yours. Most importantly, trust that whatever choice you make is the right decision for you at this moment in time.

Crafting a professional-looking resume is another step you’ll want to take. A free online resume maker offers all the tools and resources necessary to quickly design an eye-catching document that stands out from the crowd and helps you get noticed. Give yourself enough time to confirm that all the details are correct and your application is flawless.

Starting a Business for Non-Profit

If you’re looking for something more creative and changing jobs after loss, consider starting a business or nonprofit organization. This could involve turning an existing hobby into something profitable or creating something entirely new with an emphasis on giving back in honor of your loved one’s memory.

Many software tools are available to help businesses get up and running quickly without dealing with complex paperwork on top of processing personal grief. And there are grants and mentorship programs designed specifically for new entrepreneurs. Take time to research the resources available before diving in.


Losing someone close is extremely hard. If it feels like the world has stopped, the truth is that the world as you know it has stopped. And your life will be different going forward than what you knew before the loss. Grieving is a crucial part of healing from such a traumatic event, and many people eventually experience a time when starting anew feels like an appropriate next step toward finding peace again.

Whether it’s returning to work, changing jobs for a fresh start, or launching a new business or nonprofit venture — there are many healthy ways to cope with your loss while still honoring your loved one. Everyone’s journey looks different; no matter which path you choose, remember there is always hope on the other side of grief.

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