Our Partnership with Faunus Group

One of our favorite things about our work is that we get to meet people all over the world and hear stories of love, companionship and remembrance. That even extends to our business partners, like Faunus Group in the United Kingdom. After meeting with their team and hearing their vision for a green burial cemetery, we knew we were a good fit. Today we’d like to share a little more about how our partnership came to be, and why we’re so selective about the people we choose to work with. 

A Bit of Chance

In September 2017, we received an email from the Faunus Group team. They were planning to open The Woodland Burial Company, one of Britain’s first eco-friendly burial grounds. As the Faunus team applied for permits, the local British government referred them to us and asked that we consult on the project. To this day, we aren’t exactly sure how members of the British government found out about us, but we’re very glad they did.

Shared Visions

After meeting with the Faunus team, we were impressed by the care and consideration they put into The Woodland Burial Company. They wanted to create a serene, naturally splendid place where people could return their loved ones to the earth and visit whenever they like. That’s a mission we couldn’t say no to, so we officially became partners. 

Over the next several months, we helped improve The Woodland Burial Company’s supporting science and worked to minimize every possible environmental impact. We also reformulated our Let Your Love Grow product specifically for the surrounding flora and fauna, so Woodland Burial can offer it to others as an environmentally safe option for ash scattering or interment. But our partnership flowed both ways. Faunus Group, a team of bright, young professionals, also helped us look at our market differently and find new ways to invest in our strengths. 

Expanding Outward

The Woodland Burial Company is now open across the pond, but our partnership with the Faunus team is ongoing. After seeing up close how well our Let Your Love Grow product worked at offsetting the toxicity of cremated ash, the Faunus team wanted everyone in the U.K. to be able to use it. We made them an official distributor and are now working to bring Let Your Love Grow to a whole new part of the world. We can’t wait to see the living memorials they’ll plant. 

Staying True 

From our company’s earliest days, we’ve taken a slow and steady approach to business. What we do — returning loved ones to the earth — we can only do once. So whether it’s expanding into a new country or developing a new product, we take all the time we need to ensure we are the very best choice for someone’s family. As much as we’d love to see Let Your Love Grow everywhere at once, we’re happy to wait and find those distributors like Faunus Group, who share our values of compassion and empathy. 

Our work with Faunus Group is a reflection of good partnership. Sure, we’ve opened doors for one another and made our businesses stronger, but it all comes from a shared vision that’s deeply rooted in passion and authenticity. We’re excited to work together and help more people discover the peace, joy and connection that come with eco-friendly burials. 

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