Dog Cremation and Memorialization

We know after the passing of your beloved dog, determining the perfect way to honor their memory is a tough task.  There’s so much to consider when it comes to the perfect way to memorialize your dog.

That Special Bond

We love our dogs and will do anything to make them happy and comfortable. We lavish them with toys, clothes, jewelry and treats. As pet parents, we have the responsibility of caring for them as a member of our family and in return we receive their loyalty and unconditional love.

They instinctively know when we’re sick or feeling down and are able to comfort us with a simple look or a loving cuddle. We take them with us on vacation or just when running an errand. We need them to be with us; this bond is strong and everlasting.

Maintaining the Bond after Death

It’s this unbreakable bond that makes it so difficult to let go when death comes. We are all faced with what to do with our beloved dog. Do we cremate or bury? Because of the bond, we have to make the right choice for our family and our dog. There are several factors to look at when determining burial or dog cremation. Only you can determine what is right for your dog and your family.

A question you may ask yourself is how do you want to keep the memory of your dog alive? Burial allows you a place to go to reminisce about your beloved dog. Whether burying in the backyard or at a cemetery, there is a permanent memorial.

Dog Cremation

Cremation is a frequent choice for many dog parents. But after cremation, many are faced with what to do with cremated ashes.

Cremation allows you several options to memorialize your dog. One is to place the ashes in an urn or decorative piece. This allows you to choose a special place in your home for the urn. Other options include scattering ashes and living memorials.

Scattering ashes under your dog’s favorite tree or shrub seems like an attractive option to many. Before scattering, please be aware of the harmful effects of cremation ashes. If you’d like to learn more, we’ve put together information on the harmful effects of burying cremated ashes and some eco-friendly alternatives.

Living Memorial

A living memorial is a way to express love for your dog. Choosing a plant, tree or shrub for your garden, patio or home gives you a powerful way to honor or remember. Mixing just a portion of the ashes with Let Your Love Grow’s planting mixture along with soil is therapeutic. By tending to the plant, you are still actively caring for your beloved dog even after their passing.

If you’d like to discuss the specifics around creating a living memorial, please let us know.

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