Let Your Love Grow:

Pet, Double Extra Large Kit


Our pets are our best friends. When they’re gone, we feel their loss every single day as we search for a proper way to honor their memory. Let Your Love Grow is a special mixture designed to blend with cremated pet ashes and create an environmentally friendly way to remember your pet. From planting to scattering to burying, Let Your Love Grow helps you give life back.

This Double Extra Large kit is ideal for:

  • Spreading or burying all ashes
  • Tall trees

What’s in the kit?

  • 1 biodegradable cardboard container
  • 1 bag containing the Let Your Love Grow organic mixture with biodegradable twist tie
  • 1 biodegradable measuring scoop
  • 1 additional biodegradable twist tie
  • Mixing directions for burial or planting

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